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Alexey Andrianov | Photos | 2004
Paris at autumn. The symbol of city - Eiffel Tower, views of Paris, etc.
November 2004. FC Utrecht - FC Dnipro (Dnepr) 1:2 (UEFA Cup) & other sport activities.
October 2004. Luxembourg - Namur (9-10 October): beautiful landscapes, fortresses & football Luxembourg - Russia 0:4. 16 October - my birthday. Brussels, Amsterdam & Rotterdam.
August: meeting of university group MH-94-1, Dnepropetrovsk, friends.
July 2004. Moscow, Vorobyevy gory, park Pobedy. Holland & Ukraine.
Saint Petersburg & Petrodvorets (Peterhof). 29.06 - 02.07. The conference "Days on Diffraction", Views of beautiful cities of Peter the Great: St. Petersburg & Peterhof. Hermitage, breeding of the bridge, fountains etc.
Repino. 24 - 28.06. The conference "Advanced Problems in Mechanics" (APM): science, talks, volleyball & beer. Serge Gavrilov, Lena Grekova, Gerard Herard, Delft group, friends & colleagues. Finish gulf of Baltic sea, beach, Repin's house etc.
June 2004. Football team Op het Randje (Op 't Randje) Delft; DDT t-shirt. Manon Post. Amsterdam.
May 2004. Delft, Scheveningen The Hague (Den Haag), North sea. Sea, beach, dunes, Dutch policeman, sailing boats, ducks, phones, views. TUDelft: EWI, 5th floor - new location of AMA Dept. Me, Dwi Riyanti, Xander Campman. My family in Chernogolovka. Rainbow and Kalashnikov exposition in Delft.
April 2004. Köln (Cologne): Rhein, Dom, lake, swan, Dad, me. Delft: Nieuw Kerk, Oostport, TU, Poptahof, Koninginnedag. Dunes, Wassenaar.
Italy. 26.03 - 04.04.04. Rome (Roma), Cortona (19 IWWWFB), Florence (Firenze), Naples (Napoli), Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Vesuvio (Vesuvium)...
March 2004. Moscow: Red Square, L.N.Tolstoy museum; Chernogolovka: spring, sun and snow. My mother Valentina Lesnichaya, brother Vladimir, me..
February 2004 - latest pictures: snow in Delft, department, Charles The First...
January 2004 - Dnepropetrovsk, Moscow, Chernogolovka, Delft; my family, friends...
Алексей Андрианов. 2 апреля 2004 года. Капри, Тирренское море, скалы Фаральони. | Alexey Andrianov. 2 April 2004. Capri, Tyrrhenian sea, Faragloni rocks.
2 April 2004. Capri! Tyrrhenian sea, Faragloni rocks, Sorrento penninsula.
Алексей Андрианов. 30 января 2004 года. Технический университет Делфта. | Alexey Andrianov. 30 January 2004. Delft University of Technology.
30/01/2004. Me. Time of digital cameras finally is running up.

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